The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is now offering a Polyetheretherketone (PEEK®) recycle resin that has been filtered and pelletized.

The physical properties remain the same as the standard recycled PEEK® products (such as 450G or 150G type materials) but the resin has been repelled and cleaned.

We also offer optional exclusive release aids in the material to improve processing.  Our process provides a final product that is uniform in viscosity, color, and processing.

In addition, we offer compounded fiber glass and/or carbon fiber into recycled PEEK® and these materials are offered at a significant cost savings over the competition.  Our materials are shipped in gaylords and are certified by our ISO/QS certified laboratory.  Whether you need unfilled- filtered recycled PEEK® or compounded reinforced recycled PEEK® products, Resin Enterprise, should be your source for recycled PEEK® materials.  If a recycle product does not fit your application, we also handle prime PEEK® composites.

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