The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is pleased to offer reinforced and unreinforced Polycarbonate materials. These materials are available in natural, black, and custom colors, providing a diverse selection for various applications.

Our Polycarbonate materials are offered in a range of melt flows, from 6 to 17 mfi, and they come in blue tint or window clear tint options. These materials are also available with UV stabilization and FDA compliance, ensuring suitability for a wide array of uses. Moreover, we offer opaque custom colors to cater to specific design requirements.

In addition to our standard offerings, we specialize in crafting custom Polycarbonate compounds tailored to address specific processing challenges. If you’ve been facing processing concerns with your current suppliers, Resin Enterprise, Inc. can provide innovative solutions.

Furthermore, our portfolio includes Polycarbonate materials with varying degrees of reinforcement. We offer materials with 10-40% glass reinforcement, as well as Polycarbonate compounded with PTFE and/or carbon fiber additives. These variations are engineered to provide enhanced properties such as increased strength and stiffness.

Resin Enterprise, Inc. takes pride in offering creative solutions to complex molding and extrusion problems. Our team is dedicated to assisting clients in achieving optimal results for their projects.

For more information about our expanded Polycarbonate material offerings, please visit our website or contact Devin Marlin,;

telephone 484-328-3083.