Highly impact modified nylon 66 is a unique plastic compound that is a crystalline thermoplastic polyimide resin.  This high impact resistant material was designed for repeated impact loads even under adverse situations such as low moisture content and lower temperatures.  This compound also maintains outstanding resistance to overall material cracking and is “abuse” resistant.   It is a highly toughened material, and it provides excellent strength, good chemical and heat resistance, as well as a lack of notch sensitivity.  This compound works well for demanding applications such as power tool casings, electrical hardware, sporting goods, safety helmets, automotive parts, fasteners, seals, and gaskets.  Our highly toughened nylon 66 can be used as a replacement for both metals and polycarbonates in market applications not requiring transparency and it often provides significant cost savings over the alternatives.

Our super tough nylon is also offered in an improved surface finish version and a black all weatherable UV enhanced version.  This material is often stocked for immediate shipment in our Delaware facility and all shipments are sent with a full ISO certification with test data.

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