The Resin Enterprise is offering two levels of molybdenum disulfide concentrates in a Nylon 6 base resin.  The two levels are 40% moly and 70% molybdenum disulfide provided in a pellet form which is dust free.  These concentrates eliminate messy and time consuming equipment clean ups.

When these concentrates are utilized, the finished product will have greater wear resistance and lower surface friction over unfilled nylon.  The final product will also have higher strength and greater rigidity.  There is a significant cost savings in raw material when using these concentrates in comparison to a pre-compounded Nylon containing molybdenum disulphide.  The concentrates provide improved dimensional stability and increased heat resistance, 50° F higher than unfilled Nylon.  Typical applications for these concentrates include bearing, bushings, rollers, gears and sleeves.

The Resin Enterprise also offers a 70% molybdenum disulfide for Nylon in a proprietary base resin.  This 70% loaded compound is for use in Nylon films and extrusion applications.  The MoScauses Nylon to form a very fine crystalline structure through nucleation and this amorphous nylon crystallization increases the HDT up to 27° F.  This higher heat distortion also improves wear resistance, eliminates drag during the sheet process and ACS as a mold release.

Proprietary base: 70% Loading of MoS2

MoS2 content%70
Pellet form             Dustless, black
Specific gravitygm/cc3.2
Melting point°C141
Use level%2.0 – 4.0
ProcessSheet Profile extrusion

Nylon 6: 40-70% Loading of MoS2

      RM40            RM40Z             RM70
Pellet formDustless, blackDustless, blackDustless, black
Specific gravitygm/cc2.642.643.40
Softening point°C220250107
Use level%4.0 – 6.04.0 – 6.02.5 – 3.5
ProcessInjection Molding Sheet, Profile extrusionInjection Molding Sheet, Profile extrusionInjection Molding

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