Below is a list of our current inventory that is in stock at one of our five warehouses.  If you do not see a material that you are looking for, please contact us.  We are often able to procure material through our distribution channels in a few days and can usually have it on your dock in less than a week. Minimum order quantity is one Gaylord (1,100-1,653lbs. depending on the material).

Updated as of 7/29/2021

 MaterialDescription   Packaging   Quantity (lbs.)Comments
Nylon 66 GF 33 HSL Black33% GF 66 HSL BlackGaylords40,000ISO certified Equal to 70G33 HSL Black
PA 66 LNylon 66 UnfilledGaylords5000ISO certified, Equal to 101L
PA 66 GF33 HSL naturalNatural, PA 66 GF 33 HSL naturalGaylords7500ISO certified, Equal to 70G33 HSL natural
PA 66 GF43 HSL BlackNatural, PA 66 GF 43 HSL naturalGaylords1400ISO certified, Equal to 70G43 HSL Black
PA 6 GF 33 HSL BlackPA 6 GF33 HSL BlackGaylords1350ISO certified, Equal to PA 6 GF33 HSL Black
PBT GF 30 Natural420 NaturalGaylords1564ISO certified, equal to Valox 420
PBT GF 33 Black430 BlackGaylords1464ISO certified, equal to Valox 430 Black
XP4034 BlackXP 4034 BlackGaylords595ISO certified, Equal to PC/ASA
PET GF 30 Black30% GF PET BlackGaylords2500ISO certified
PEI 1000-1000Equal to Ultem 1000-1000Gaylords15927000 by 8/15, ISO certified
PEI 2300 Black30% GF PEI BlackGaylords5000ISO certified 30% GF Black PEI
PEI 1000 BlackUnfilled PEI blackGaylords2500ISO certified
POM 500 P NaturalDelrin 500 PGaylords5000ISO certified
POM 100 PPOM 100 PGaylords7500ISO certified
Delrin POM 500 TL 20 Dark BrownDelrin 500 20% PTFE Dark BrownGaylords2200ISO certified, Equal to Delrin 500 AF
Delrin 100 TL 20 Dark BrownDelrin 100 20% PTFE Dark BrownGaylords5000ISO certified, Equal to Delrin 100 AF
PK 450 GPEEK 450 GGaylords1000Pellets, recycle

For current pricing and sampling, please contact The Resin Enterprise, Inc. at Tel: 484-328-3083