Below is a list of our current inventory that is in stock in one of our five warehouses.  If you do not see a material that you are looking for, please contact us.  We are often able to get material through our distribution channels in a few days and can usually have it on your dock in less than a week. Minimum order quantity is one Gaylord (1,100-1,653lbs. depending on the material).

Category Material DescriptionEquivalentQuantity (lbs.)PackagingComments
 Prime High Heat Materials
 Available ongoing
PEEK®PEEK® Unfilled Natural
PEEK®PEEK® RecycleRecycle PEEK®1,000GaylordsCompounded, ISO certs. Ask about our recycle closed loop PEEK® programs.
PEEK®PEEK® GF 30 Natural500
PEEK®PEEK® Recycle Black800Pellets
PEIPEI 1000-1000 Ultem® 1000-10004,400 GaylordsPellets
PEIPEI 1000 BlackUltem® 1000 Black5,000GaylordsPellets
PEIPEI 2200 BlackUltem® 2200 Black500Pellets, Original
PEIPEI 2300 Black7,000Pellets
PEIPEI Black Concentrate500
PESPES Natural UnfilledPrime400GaylordsOriginals/Certs/Lots, Available Ongoing
Temppeclear™Temppeclear™Prime1,500GaylordsISO Certs/Lots
ABS     Generic Prime ABS Natural4 Izod / 4 Melt10,000Super SacksAvailable ongoing
ABS     Generic Prime ABS Black4 Izod / 4 Melt5,000Super SacksAvailable ongoing
ABSABS GP BlackMG47 Black3,300Gaylords
ABSABS GP NaturalMG47 Natural8,000Gaylords
AcetalPOM Homopolymer 500Equal to Delrin® 50020,000 Natural and 5,000 lbs. of BlackPlain GaylordsPrime, Available Ongoing
AcetalPOM Homopolymer 100 NaturalEqual to Delrin® 1005,000Plain GaylordsPrime, Available Ongoing
AcetalPOM HO 100 TL 20  Dark BrownEqual to Delrin® AF 100 Dark Brown3,300

Plain Gaylords

Compounded direct equal, Available Ongoing
AcetalPOM HO 500 TL 20 Extra Dark BrownEqual to Delrin® AF 500 Dark Brown2,200


Available Ongoing
AcetalPOM HO 500 TL 20 Light BrownEqual to Delrin® AF 500500


Available Ongoing
AcetalDelrin® 527 UV BlackPrime5,000

Prime, major producer

 Plain gaylords. ISO certs
HTNHTN Unfilled2,000Plain GaylordsPrime
HTNPA HTN 51GF35 HSL Black4,000Gaylords
HTNPA HTN 54G15 Black and Natural5,000 lbs. eachGaylords
Hytrel®TPE 7246Hytrel® 72466,600Plain GaylordsAvailable ongoing
Hytrel®TPE 5556 BlackHytrel® 5556 Black5,000Plain GaylordsAvailable ongoing
Hytrel®Numerous grades of TPE available, call with your TPE durometer
Nylon 6
Nylon 6Nylon 6 EB40 Type10,000Plain PackagingPrime
Nylon 6PA 6 Injection Grade8202 Natural20,000
Nylon 6PA 6 40% Moly Concentrate550Specialty CompoundAvailable Ongoing
Nylon 6Nylon 6 GF 33 Black40,000Available Ongoing
Nylon 66
Nylon 66101 L101 L5,000Prime
Nylon 66PA 66 Extrusion42A8,000Prime
Nylon 66 PA 66 GF 33 Black22,000 psi tensile minimum40,000Plain PkgGood physicals, Available ongoing, UL listed, great pricing
Nylon 66 PA 66 Impact Modified HighST801 Equal1,100 lbs. Black or NaturalGaylords

Available Ongoing, TRE cert

Nylon 66PA 66 GF 33 L Natural5,000GaylordsOur certs, Prime major producer material
Nylon 6/12PA 6/12Zytel® 1585,000Plain Gaylords
PBTPBT Injection Grade10,000Plain pkg.Available Ongoing
PBTPBT GF 30 BlackValox® 420 Black6,000Plain pkg.Compounded Product
PBTPBT GF 15 BlackDR51 Black900 Gaylords
PBTPBT GF 30 Natural420 Natural1,100
PCPC 17 MeltPrime3,300
PCPC 10 MeltPrime 141R Clear4,000
PCPC 103 R 11240,000
PCPC GF 30 Black6,000
PCPC GF 40 Black9,000
PCPC 6 Black1,000
PEEK®PEEK® Natural RecycleRecycle Pellets1,000Plain GaylordsAvailable ongoing

No black specs/melt filtered

PEEK®PEEK® BlackBlack Recycle800Plain GaylordsPellets
PEEK®PEEK®500Available ongoingPacific Rim Prime
PEEK®PEEK® 450G500PrimeCerts and Lots
PEIPEI 1000-1000 NaturalUltem® 1000 Natural4,400 GaylordsAvailable Ongoing
PEIPEI 1000 BlackUltem® 1000 Black5,000 GaylordsAvailable Ongoing
PEIPEI 2300 BlackUltem® 2300 Black7,000Gaylords
PEIPEI FDA Black Concentrate500FDA compliantAvailable ongoing
PEIPEI GF 30 NaturalUltem® 2300 Natural960Gaylords
PEIPEI 2200 Black500GaylordsAvailable Ongoing
PolysulfonePSU GF 30300
PETPET GF 30 BlackRynite®  530 Black5,000GaylordsPrime
PETPET GF 15 FR BlackRynite®  FR 515 Black5,000Gaylords
PETPET GF 30 NaturalRynite®  530 Natural5,000Gaylords
PETPET GF 45 Black3,300Gaylords
PPEPrime PPE w/release1,500Gaylords
Temppeclear™Alternative to Polysulfone, Unfilled1,500Plain GaylordsAvailable Ongoing, Information on website
Other Prime MaterialsSmall amounts to truck loadsLooking for prime materials-  Call us we may be able to help you!!!
Custom Colors50 lb. minimumColor matches, quick turnaround

For current pricing and sampling, please contact The Resin Enterprise, Inc. at Tel: 484-328-3083

Every attempt is made to represent the materials as they are – virgin, w/s, repro, etc. If the material does not meet your expectations for any reason within a 30 day period, we will take the material back and issue full credit. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know your material requirements and we can often find or have produced what you may need. At The Resin Enterprise, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion problems at a cost savings over the competition.