The Resin Enterprise, Inc. announces an exciting expansion of its capabilities in the realm of custom coloring. With a commitment to meeting diverse customer needs, we are delighted to introduce a broader range of options for small volume custom color orders. This move empowers our clients with an exceptional opportunity to precisely acquire the amount of color concentrate they require, reflecting our dedication to personalized service.

At Resin Enterprise, we understand the significance of tailored solutions. Our expertise extends to crafting both through and through small custom color orders and custom color concentrate orders, ensuring that no request is too specific. This approach is particularly valuable in today’s dynamic markets where flexibility and efficiency reign supreme.

Whether it’s achieving seamless “salt and pepper” blends or vibrant through and through colors, we excel in creating the perfect hue for a wide array of engineering resins. Our color matching prowess encompasses a comprehensive range, including PEI, PSU, PEEK, Nylons, PBT, Acetal, ABS, TPE, and Polycarbonate.

Distinguished as a trailblazing distributor and compounder of engineering resins, Resin Enterprise specializes in delivering custom compounded engineering resins that cater to unique requirements. Beyond our custom compounding expertise, we offer a diverse array of unfilled prime engineering base resins in their original manufacturing packages, as well as generic prime resins.

Our technological offerings are equally comprehensive, encompassing unfilled and glass filled products across nylon, PBT, and PC; TPEs and ABS; high-temperature materials like polysulfone and PEI; flame retardant materials; PTFE filled compounds with a focus on acetal (copolymer and homopolymer); melt flow aids; HS concentrates; filtration solutions; carbon fiber reinforcement; and moly concentrates.

Resin Enterprise, Inc. is an innovator in the engineering resin sector, continually expanding our capabilities to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Our commitment to personalized solutions, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance remains unwavering, setting us apart as a trusted partner for custom coloring and engineering resin needs.

For more information about our expanded small volume color options and the wide spectrum of engineering resin solutions we offer, please visit our website or reach out to Devin Marlin,, telephone:  484-328-3083