PEI Composites
& Unfilled PEI

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is now offering PEI (Ultem) materials that are unfilled in natural, black, and custom colors.  The physical properties remain the same as the standard Ultem products such as 1000-1000 or 1010-1000.  Lead times are two to four weeks, and all of these unfilled resins are ISO certified.  We handle these materials in both prime resin and recycled PEI.

We also compound fiber glass (10-40%), PTFE, nano particles, and/or carbon fiber (10-30%) into the PEI resin.  Our compounded materials are shipped in gaylords and are certified by our ISO/QS certified laboratory.  Whether you need unfilled PEI or compounded reinforced PEI products in prime or recycle, The Resin Enterprise, Inc. should be your source for PEI materials.

For current pricing and sampling, please contact The Resin Enterprise, Inc at telephone: 484-328-3083 or via email

Please visit our website for a complete listing of all the products we can supply.  We can help solve your molding issues and make material recommendations to improve your process.  At the Resin Enterprise, we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion problems.