The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is proud to announce an expanded range of offerings with reinforced and unreinforced Polyester (PBT) materials. Catering to an array of demands, these materials are available in natural, black, and customizable colors.

Our PBT materials are designed to meet the needs of modern compounding. With melt flows ranging from 40 to 60 mfi, our polyester feedstock is poised to deliver exceptional performance across various applications.

Resin Enterprise’s PBT is versatile and our materials can feature glass reinforcement options from 10 to 40%. The inherent strength of PBT becomes magnified when combined with glass fibers and/or fibers and beads, offering elevated levels of strength and rigidity. Among our readily available products, the PBT GF 30 in natural or black stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering performance-enhancing solutions.  This grade of material is usually always stocked in black.

Furthermore, our team excels in translating your molding challenges into opportunities for innovation. When you partner with us, expect not just materials, but a dynamic approach to solving problems and achieving excellence.  Discover the capabilities of PBT Unfilled and Filled Compounds with The Resin Enterprise, Inc.  Experience engineering ingenuity. Experience innovation.

For a comprehensive exploration of our expanded PBT material offerings and to discover how we can redefine your engineering processes, visit or connect with Devin Marlin,, Telephone:  484-328-3083.