The Resin Enterprise is pleased to announce several new UL listings for both the United States and for Canada.

The following materials have been recently UL listed under The Resin Enterprise, Inc.:

  • Nylon 6 with 40 Mineral/Glass (Black)
  • PA 6 GF 15 (Black)
  • Nylon 6 with 33% Glass (Natural, Black, and Colors)
  • Nylon 66 with 33% Glass (Natural, Black, and Colors)
  • PBT GF 30 FR (Black)

Attached you will find our UL credentials for a complete review of the UL listings.

These materials are often in stock and ready for immediate shipment. The Resin Enterprise is a unique distributor of engineering resins specializing in custom compounded engineering resins. We also supply unfilled prime engineering base resins in original manufacturing packages as well as generic prime resins. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion problems, at a cost savings over the competition. Our available technology includes unfilled and glass filled products in nylon, PBT, and PC; TPEs and ABS; high temperature materials including polysulfone and PEI; flame retardant materials, PTFE filled compounds particularly in acetal (copolymer and homopolymer), closed loop recycling of regrind and non-moving inventory, melt flow aids, HS concentrates, filtration, custom coloring, and moly concentrates.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the savings we can provide for your organization in 2017 and on in to 2018.