With the extreme shortage of many of the high temperature resins such as PEI and Polysulfone, Resin Enterprise can provide a possible solution to your resin shortages.

We can close loop recycle many of your high temperature resins (including PEEK® and PEK®.)

We will help you utilize your regrinds of these materials and provide you with near prime composites that have been certified to physical test data at an ISO certified laboratory. We can take your unfilled regrinds and add glass, carbon fiber, melt filter, and/or custom color. Such usage of regrind will free up valuable warehouse space and improve your financial bottom line. Raw materials are over 58% of the cost of conducting business, make sure you keep your inventory scrap levels maintained at practical and usable levels. By re-using these high temperature materials, you no longer have to “garage sale” off your scrap materials. A closed loop recycle effort will enable your organization to maximize your scrap potential while keeping quality concerns in check.

The Resin Enterprise is a unique distributor and compounder of engineering resins specializing in custom compounded engineering resins. We also supply unfilled prime engineering base resins in original manufacturing packages as well as generic prime resins. Our available technology includes unfilled and glass filled products in nylon , PBT, and PC; TPEs and ABS; high temperature materials including Polysulfone and PEI; flame retardant materials, PTFE filled compounds particularly in Acetal (Copolymer and Homopolymer), melt flow aids, HS concentrates, filtration, custom coloring, and moly concentrates. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the savings we can provide for your organization.

We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion problems at a cost savings over the competition.