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Unlocking Value in Your Inventory

As we approach the culmination of 2023, The Resin Enterprise extends a friendly reminder to assess your inventory and identify materials that may no longer align with your needs or objectives. Seizing this opportunity can transform what may seem like unwanted resins and composites, including engineering resin regrinds, into valuable assets. Our dedicated team [...]


Unlocking Possibilities in 3D Printing

Resin Enterprise is excited to announce its venture into the dynamic world of 3D printing. With the 3D printing industry's meteoric rise, having reached $12 billion in total sales in 2020, we anticipate an explosive growth trajectory, soaring to an estimated $51 billion in sales revenue by 2030. In a six-month span during 2020, [...]


Personalized Coloring Solutions

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. announces an exciting expansion of its capabilities in the realm of custom coloring. With a commitment to meeting diverse customer needs, we are delighted to introduce a broader range of options for small volume custom color orders. This move empowers our clients with an exceptional opportunity to precisely acquire the [...]


Discover The Capabilities of PBT

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is proud to announce an expanded range of offerings with reinforced and unreinforced Polyester (PBT) materials. Catering to an array of demands, these materials are available in natural, black, and customizable colors. Our PBT materials are designed to meet the needs of modern compounding. With melt flows ranging from 40 [...]


PEI Composites & Unfilled PEI

PEI Composites & Unfilled PEI The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is now offering PEI (Ultem) materials that are unfilled in natural, black, and custom colors.  The physical properties remain the same as the standard Ultem products such as 1000-1000 or 1010-1000.  Lead times are two to four weeks, and all of these unfilled resins [...]


Molybdenum Disulfide Concentrates

The Resin Enterprise is offering two levels of molybdenum disulfide concentrates in a Nylon 6 base resin.  The two levels are 40% moly and 70% molybdenum disulfide provided in a pellet form which is dust free.  These concentrates eliminate messy and time consuming equipment clean ups. When these concentrates are utilized, the finished product [...]


Highly Toughened Nylon 66

Highly impact modified nylon 66 is a unique plastic compound that is a crystalline thermoplastic polyimide resin.  This high impact resistant material was designed for repeated impact loads even under adverse situations such as low moisture content and lower temperatures.  This compound also maintains outstanding resistance to overall material cracking and is “abuse” resistant.  [...]


Is Polycarbonate Right For Your Next Project?

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is pleased to offer reinforced and unreinforced Polycarbonate materials. These materials are available in natural, black, and custom colors, providing a diverse selection for various applications. Our Polycarbonate materials are offered in a range of melt flows, from 6 to 17 mfi, and they come in blue tint or window [...]


Recycled PEEK®

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is now offering a Polyetheretherketone (PEEK®) recycle resin that has been filtered and pelletized. The physical properties remain the same as the standard recycled PEEK® products (such as 450G or 150G type materials) but the resin has been repelled and cleaned. We also offer optional exclusive release aids in the [...]

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