The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is a distributor and compounder of all engineering resins, including Nylons, PBT, Polycarbonate, ABS, SAN, Acetal, PEI, PPS, Polysulfone and Polyetheretherketone.

All materials are made at our ISO9001 and QS certified facilities and base resin suppliers. In addition, we have an in-house testing lab for all incoming and outgoing materials.

At The Resin Enterprise, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing creative and technological solutions to your most difficult molding and extrusion polymer issues.

iso 9001

What Sets Us Apart

  • Worldwide Supply of Base Resins
  • The Resin Enterprise, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • A Diverse Product Line:
    • All engineering prime base resins as well as compounds, provided with full material certifications
    • Reinforced custom compounds produced for all engineering resin grades. Reinforcements include carbon fiber, PTFE, glass fiber, Kevlar®, and mineral to name a few
    • Low cost equivalents to Acetal (Homopolymer or Copolymer) with PTFE
    • New UL listings in Nylon 66, Nylon 6, and PBT
    • PEEK® prime unfilled and filled composites are available, as well as recycled PEEK®
    • PEI, PES and PSU compounds, unfilled materials, and other high temperature materials
    • Polycarbonate and PBT unfilled and filled materials
    • Preserving our environment by providing Closed Loop Recycling, including melt filtration of your high temperature regrind and non-moving inventory
    • Highly qualified technical resources: our team brings over a century of plastic resin experience
    • Cost effective pricing and services

The Resin Enterprise, Inc. has strategically placed warehousing around the USA to provide timely and prompt deliveries.  All of our materials come with a full 30 day warranty.